Commercial Cleaning

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Commercial cleaning firms are basically contracted to do cleaning jobs at various premises throughout the city, state or country. It’s their responsibility to clean commercial properties like office buildings, warehouses, hospitals, daycares and schools. They also do night cleaning to ensure that the premises is spotless after hours. Commercial cleaning firms usually have separate units to take care of different jobs. Some of these units include office cleaning, which include cleaning of office spaces like the main office of the company, executive offices, reception areas etc.

The real estate office cleaning firms clean the properties used by investors or business houses to rent or buy real estate. The real estate office cleaners help to maintain the property in order to make it ready for prospective tenants. The property being cleaned may be apartment buildings, condominiums, townhouses, row houses or any other commercial property. This is the major reason why the real estate cleaning companies charge a fee because they have to maintain the condition of the premises, especially at night.

There are private schools also that need commercial cleaning companies to keep the place neat and tidy all the time. The schools have to appoint people to look after the premises especially at night because children come and go from the school during the day. These commercial cleaners also do office building maintenance, which includes cleaning of washrooms and reception areas at the premises. They also conduct annual inspections to make sure that everything is in proper working order.