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Covid19 Cleaning Sanitation Service has been delivering cleanliness in the city of Coventry since 1834. The company has a fleet of modern vehicles with twenty-four interior cleaning technicians, twenty-six exterior cleaning technicians, and twelve maintenance crew members. They also provide on-call sanitary cleaning throughout the week and off-site professional cleaning during events and festivals. The Covid19 Cleaning Sanitation Service is available seven days a week for clients to call to schedule a cleaning that suits their needs.


The employees are trained to provide quality customer service with a low price tag to keep clients returning. The services are scheduled by availability and convenience to the client. The Covid19 Cleaning Sanitation Service is located in the heart of Coventry, at the corner of Coles Corner and Fleet Street. There is easy access to the Lea Hall sports arena, and the centrally located shopping malls. Coventry’s public transportation system is also very convenient for commuters.

The central focus of the Covid19 Cleaning Sanitation Service is on maintaining a high standard of cleanliness in the city of Coventry. Each of the vehicles is equipped with sanitary bin or individual compartments for sanitizing equipment. Each compartment is equipped with a hygienic washing station for quick clean up after each visit. Each compartment can be locked to ensure privacy and peace of mind when using the facilities. Each cleaning team is provided with disposable products for use in their designated areas.